Complete Accident
(UK) Ltd

Had an accident?

What We Do :

Taking the stress away from road traffic accidents

Our main aim is to completely take away the stress after a road traffic accident.

We help motorists that have been in the motor accident that is no fault of their own.

We arrange a replacement vehicle whilst your own vehicle is off the road, along with providing a repairing garage and provide a solicitor for compensation for your losses or injury.

Due to the fact that your accident not being your fault there are various benefits in not making the claim through your comprehensive policy.

If you are insured third party or third party only we genuinely feel the service we provide is your best option. We would like to make you aware that is still the clients right to seek further advice elsewhere subject to a time limit.

We are experienced in our field and will provide you with a warm and friendly service, we will help you from the start to the completion of your claim.

  • We will provide a replacement vehicle like for like hire vehicle and/or provide repairs to your damaged vehicle
  • No excess to pay
  • Quick authorisation of repairs
  • We will introduce you to a specialist road traffic accident solicitor to represent both yourself and your passegers to make a claim for compensation or financial losses
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