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For all traffic and motor accidents that were not your fault, the law makes provision for drivers, passengers or pedestrians to make a car accident compensation claim. Road traffic or RTA compensation essentially exists to mitigate against some of the losses you may have suffered. For example, during some personal injury compensation claims, people have needed time off work, resulting in a serious drop in their income.

Areas of Traffic and Motor Claims

Hit and run

RTA compensation is processed via the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) as an ‘untraced driver claim’.

Injured By An Uninsured Driver?

Again this is the province of the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB), who protect the public by processing an ‘uninsured driver claim’.

Passenger Injuries

Passengers are automatically deemed ‘innocent parties’ in a car accident compensation claim.

How to Claim?

You will need a specialist solicitor to advise and represent you, when considering a claim for personal injury compensation.

What Determines The Outcome?

Many traffic and motor accidents are straightforward in terms of RTA compensation claims in when a clear liability has been demonstrated and the other driver is at fault.

Where liability is not straightforward, you must speak to a specialist solicitor to gain the proper advice.

There are factors that will affect the eventual level of compensation in each case, such as whether or not passengers were wearing a seatbelt.

In all cases, the only reliable advice is to speak to a specialist no win no fee traffic and motor accidents solicitor to gain accurate, impartial accident advice.

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